"Every single line means something '
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

Bless You from DavidBK on Vimeo.

A man takes the subway. Inside his brain, a countdown clock hits zero and a little person prepares for lift-off. The man sneezes.

Watch it in stereo 3D

Directed and Animated by: David Barlow-Krelina
Music and Sound Design: Greg Debicki (soundcloud.com/gregdebicki)
Voice: Chris Wilding (bqwsc.com/)

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada (2013)
The Animation Show of Shows, USA (2013)
Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Canada (2013)
Animated Dreams 15, Estonia (2013)
Florida Film Festival, USA (2014)
Dawson City International Short Film Festival, Canada (2014)
Northwest Animation Festival, USA (2014)
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia (2014)
Toronto Animation Arts Festival, Canada (2014)

Berlin, Berlin from nehemias colindres on Vimeo.

A poetic visualization of a city’s manifesto.

Director: Nehemias Colindres
DoP: Stephan Fallucchi
Producer: Alexis Delanoue
Editor/VO: Oliver Strumpf
Music: Billy Davis
Colorgrading: Benedikt Hugendubel @Slaughterhouse Berlin
Titles: Shelley Lui
Styling: Antoniya Ivanova
Poem/text: Berlin, Berlin by Nehemias Colindres
Additional photography (protest): Alex Hill

Cast in order of appearance:
Emanuel Alaniz
Verena Dorst
Kenan Budak
Dr. Foster
Ahmad Larnes
Jolan Kieschke
Tristan Kennedy
Tony Galea
Taryn Bunch
Ervin Mariager
Maggie Malou
Joanna Schröder
Kathrin Abels
Maria Torres
Ben Hammond
Vidal Oldoerp
Janos Höner
Solene Wolff
August Skipper
Tom Allen
Sandra Amarie

Special thanks to Matheis Casting, Prince Charles, Betti Berlin, Slaughterhouse - Berlin, Firsteight Berlin